Grid Wall with Components

I’ve modeled some ideas in Sketchup related to what I wrote about in my last blog post with Christopher Alexander and thick walls. The basic idea here is to create a structure which can host components such as cabinets, seating, table tops, lighting, plantings or storage. There is a similar project designed by houminn practice; the Open Source Wall. How the two projects differ is because the Open Source wall centers around a 2×4 and metal bracket frame that hosts components, while this project was more about adapting a typical stick frame wall with digital fabrication tools.

2.11.2015 3The above photo shows the grid system in yellow attaching to a typical stud framed wall. Next, the components in brown hang off the frame attached with 1/4″ bolts.

2.11.2015 62.11.2015 5

2.11.2015 4


2.11.2015 1


There are a few things that I am worried about with this design. First, I don’t know if mixing digital fabrication with stud framing will work, because the robotic tolerances might not fit together will hand crafted walls. Second, adding this grid wall system might just be a lot of extra work. Simply drilling 2×2 studs to the wall might be just as effective.

Here is the sketchup file if you want to check it out. I’m hoping to come up with a better idea soon that doesn’t rely on the 2×4 stud walls, and include the ability to move the system from one wall to another.


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