Grid Wall: Independent Structure

Improving upon the previous grid wall, this version is free standing without the help of 2×4 studs, uses plywood more efficiently, and assembles without screws or glues.

The idea with this wall is basically the same as the last blog post: to create a structural grid system that can host plug-and-play components to create a diversity of uses. The wall and the components will be hosted on for anyone to built and use. Also, the general layout, flexibility and simplicity of the system allows people to design their own components and share them online, forever expanding on the wall’s usefulness.


Here you can see that the size is constrained by the dimensions of a 4×8 sheet of plywood, so it is about 7′-10″ tall and wide, and 1′-10″ deep. The components will attach to the horizontal members which are adjustable at 4″ intervals. The horizontal grid members attach to the grid with a plywood peg system which doesn’t require any tools. More flexibility is added when you switch between different types of grid members: full length, short and long.


This image for example shows the short grid members in front and the long member behind. Using these members would grant access inside or through the wall.


Not using screws or glues was important so the system could be easily taken down. Here you can see the plywood “keys” and how they start to interlock the pieces together.


The system is raised 2 inches off of the ground to create enough room for the interlocking pieces to secure the structure.


One aspect I am interested in taking further is utilizing the space inside the wall. As stated in my Christopher Alexander post, adding these small personal spaces adds dynamics to a layout.

Going forward in the design, I’m hoping to find a way to attach multiple walls together to make long wall systems, or enclosures such as four walls in a square. It could even have the capabilities to have a ceiling to enclose an entire room.

You can access the sketchup file and cut-sheet here at


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