Interactive Directions for a Digital World

With digital fabrication, all of the information to manufacture a product can be digital. In the past, to share an idea, the designer would need to explain how to build a product with some sort of blueprint or instruction manual printed on paper. To share my designs, I was originally going to create IKEA style drawings.


This method of visual representation is effective at displaying how to build this cabinet. However, even if it is digital, it is still influenced by paper printing methods. In my instruction manual, I tried to embrace digital technology and representation. My instructions have movement and interactivity. You can go through the tabs and look at the isometric views just like the IKEA instructions, but you can also flip to the other side, delete parts, or move things around.

The way that I present my information is just as important as the files I create, because everything needs to be easy to understand and approachable. It’s meant to be accessed through Sketchup, because you can flip through the tabs to see each step.


This image above shows four pieces of information: The visual construction of the wall; The tabs that take you through the steps; The scenes which give you extra information; and the instructions for how to access the steps.

Take a look at the video, which is the steps you would take in the sketchup file.

You can download the sketchup file and video file here. 


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